Community Energy Cumbria aims to:

  • Increase the installation of viable, community owned, renewable energy systems across Cumbria for the benefit of Cumbrian communities.
  • Create a mechanism for raising local investment and employing local businesses which means that the financial benefits of renewable energy stay in the county as much as possible.
  • Provide attractive ethical and financial incentives for individuals and organisations to invest in renewable energy.
  • Provide a practical opportunity for those who are passionate about the special landscapes of Cumbria and the Lake District, and equally passionate about supporting local opportunity to help ensure that both issues are addressed.
  • Accelerate the deployment of sensitive renewable energy systems across the County so that the County can play an essential part in the global challenge of bringing down carbon emissions.
  • Support aspirant communities to develop their own local renewable energy schemes as well as influence commercial developers to offer at least a part community stake in larger developments, where appropriate.
  • As well as paying interest to member on the capital they have invested, Community Energy Cumbria will plough a proportion its surplus (agreed by its members) back into local projects which benefit the environment or community, including the projects delivered by CEC’s founding charity, Cumbria Action for Sustainability.
  • Where income allows, CEC will provide Members of the Society with access to a series of opportunities based around renewable energy projects and in the wider field of sustainability, including site visits, green build tours and presentations.

The outcomes of CEC Ltd include increased community resilience, increased local circulation of finance, a strong and skilled local renewable energy industry and a positive contribution to reducing carbon emission.